On the first image you can see the slight difference between black Alcantara (9002) and Dinamica Audi Soul.

On the second image you can see a Dinamica covered Door handle directly next to the Dinamcia door panel which matches perfectly.

Since the 8Y Model of the Audi A3, Audi changed the Interior material from black Alcantara to Dinamica. Only for the Steering Wheel Audi kept the Alcantara Material. 

But what should you choose? 

For the door handle set you should definitely go with the Dinamica option due to the fact, that the door handles are directly besides the door panels. If you choose Alcantara for the door handles you will recognise a slight color difference depending on the light conditions (sunlight, LED light etc.)

For all other parts you can choose how you prefer since the color difference between Alcantara and Dinamica are mainly visible when the Materials/Parts are close to each other within the car. If your car has a black Alcantara Steering wheel you can also choose the Dashboard Cover Set, Air Vents, Sidecover Set, Centre Console Inlay & Frame, Virtual Cockpit Inlay & Steering Column Covers in Alcantara.

Easiest solution: You can also choose Dinamica for all parts since the surface of the Alcantara Steering Wheel is very small for what reason the visible color difference to Dinamica is hardly visible.

If your car don't has the Alcantara steering wheel you should definitely choose for all parts Dinamica as material.